Stuff Dog Owners Say!

Stuff Dog Owners Say!

There's no doubt about it, we dog owners have our own language! You just need to spend one afternoon at a dog park to realise that there are so many things only dog owners would understand and even more things that only a dog owner would say. We've put together a list of stuff dog owners say - keep reading to see how many you can recognize! 

Do I have dog hair on me?

Thanks to your dog you are single handily keeping the lint roller industry afloat and no matter if your dog is 5 meters or 5 kilometers away you WILL find at least one dog hair on your coat. 

But I JUST vacuumed! 

You hate to admit but you gave up on washing your couch cushions and vacuuming your carpet a long time ago!

Is this all natural?

Your dog deserves real meat and real flavour and you don't care if the cashier at your local pet shop thinks you're crazy.

Mommy's home!

There's no recovering from the guilt you feel before, during, and after leaving your baby at home alone all day - especially on weekends! 

Don't roll in that!

It's as if your dog is drawn to anything weird and smelly! If there's one stinky, muddy puddle in the park your dog will find it ... and love it. 

Do you have a poo bag?

Leaving your dog's poop lying around is the biggest cardinal sin a dog owner can commit but who ever remembers to bring a poo bag? 

My dog never barks

You hate it when smug parents gush about their baby being an angel - especially when they've just been crying non-stop during your lunch date ... but dogs aren't allowed in most restaurants. Weird. 

What are you eating?

Hey is that a barbie doll's shoe that my niece dropped under the couch when she was here 6 months ago? Great, just checking. 

Good boy/ girl!
Who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy?! I know. You are such a good boy. Have a cookie! 

Crystal Espin